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Strategic Planning

Few organizations will succeed without a plan that is developed with input from all key stakeholders. Riverwinds can help conceive, execute, and follow up on an all-important Strategic Plans, laying the groundwork for growth. 


Riverwinds Consulting can assist an organization in:


  • setting goals for Strategic Planning,

  • creating a timeline for the process,

  • preparing stakeholders prior to meeting to optimize results,

  • creating a SWOT analysis,

  • developing a working framework,

  • guiding the group through each step in the process,

  • working to draft a preliminary and final plan including responsibilities and milestones,

  • checking in on progress and reporting to the group, and

  • determining success after the process and quickly acting to remediate any missed goals.


Considering utilizing such ideas as strategic modeling, creative idea generation, organization wide stakeholder surveying, and formalized action plans can help strengthen the results. 


Strategic Planning can be as broad or narrowly-focused as an association or publishers wishes. The process can be launched with a dedicated multi-day meeting, a single day event, or several more manageable phone or video conference calls. 


Riverwinds can help conceive, execute, and follow up on an all-important Strategic Plan laying the groundwork for growth. Not having one today is understandable; not planning for one tomorrow is not. Contact us today.

About Riverwinds Consulting


Riverwinds Consulting offers a full catalog of services to associations, publishers, and other organizations. Specializing in the STM industry, Riverwinds addresses both print and digital needs with services including: Customer and Industry Review; Digital Strategy Development; Global Rights and Licensing; New Product Research and Development; Partner/Vendor Analysis and NegotiationPublishing Consulting; Publishing Operations Audit; and Strategic Planning and Execution. Riverwinds brings to bear 25+ years of experience in publishing.

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