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New Product Research and Development

Launching new products is the life blood of any organization. Many times research and development is put to the back-burner of the daily duties of employees or stakeholders. Partnering with Riverwinds Consulting to jump start the launch of new products, new formats, or applications in new fields can help free up staff time with reduced costs and quicker time to market.


Start with a blue sky session that will help target financial goals while driving education for customers and members. Riverwinds can create a roadmap with complete timelines that:

  • enumerates potential products and formats,

  • seeks validation from stakeholders, customers, current authors and editors, editorial boards, and others,

  • creates specific product definitions and comprehensive profit and loss statements for internal discussion by senior management for green lighting,

  • identifies potential authors/editors/partners for product creation,

  • provides step-by-step product development guides,

  • formulates a marketing/promotion/distribution/sales plan, including execution,

  • offers a 360-degree assessment of the products financial and educational results after launch.

Growth is essential. Don’t be held captive by staff bandwidth or time limitations. Contact Riverwinds to discuss what it takes to launch new products and expand current markets.

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