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Author Coaching and Consulting

Authors, whether veterans or novices, can be challenged to navigate the world of 21st century publishing. Choosing an optimal publisher is a key decision. Add to that the explosion of the self-publishing options and an author can quickly lose his or her way. Why go through the effort of writing a book to see it miss its mark or potential because of less-than-optimal choices about the publishing process?


Riverwinds Consulting can help an author navigate the publishing process including:

  • Concept definition and refinement

  • Creating an engaging proposal

  • Choosing the right type of publisher

  • Reviewing an author contract including ebook rights

  • Manuscript review and finalization for submission

  • Book launch

  • Effective joint marketing and promotion by the author in concert with the publisher

  • Author website creation including search engine optimization

  • Finding and preparing for high-yield author speaking engagements

  • Launching into the next project

Additionally, author coaching by Riverwinds can help one prepare for a career as an author with an eye toward branding in preparation for future projects. Enhancing existing writing and speaking skills will serve an author well through the whole publishing process.


Contact Riverwinds to discuss an idea or an interest in seeing the big picture of publishing before getting started.



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