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Global Rights and Licensing


Rights and licensing can be time intensive and confusing. Expanding beyond core products and markets can provide significant revenue streams without any new product creation, while helping to extend brands to untapped markets.


Riverwinds Consulting can:

  • assess existing rights and licensing arrangements to ensure deals represent current market standards,

  • review market opportunities inside and outside existing topic areas by targeting specific regions or companies,

  • consider syndication possibilities,

  • create a financial audit of current aggregation arrangements and consider possible potential change in strategy,

  • review partner delivery methods and costs to potentially reduce expenses and increase time to market,

  • review permissions work flow and arrangements.


Rights and licensing opportunities will be reviewed both nationally and internationally. Potential arrangements must add to the bottom line, extend brands, and increase readership to be beneficial.


Don’t think one dimensionally. Efforts started today can help move organizations further into Asia, Latin America, and beyond. Contact Riverwinds today. 


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