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Digital Strategy Development

Compared to a decade ago, the publishing landscape now has many opportunities for digital growth but also an increasing number of challenges or threats. These potential challenges include low cost startups that may enter a market, piracy, downward pressure on pricing, the “everything should be free” phenomena, and wiki sites.

Nonetheless, opportunity abounds for those who have vision and foresight. Riverwinds Consulting can:

  • create an audit of current digital assets,

  • assess landscape and competition,

  • create an all-important opportunities road map,

  • identify current and future threats,

  • present options for product monetization beyond legacy print conversion,

  • adjust marketing and promotion strategies away from traditional print to more cost effective and engaging digital ones,

  • assess SEO/SEM efforts and effectiveness,

  • help merge branding of digital and traditional print products.

Riverwinds will work with senior management and key stakeholders to take a 30,000-foot view of the market and adjust/create any plans to maximize revenue and minimize risk.


Contact us to start refining a vibrant digital strategy today with an eye toward growth tomorrow.


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