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Customer and Industry Review

Organizations may have worked in a market for many years without fully realizing the gradual changes that have taken place. There may also be a desire to enter a new market, but there is a worry about hidden obstacles or dangers.


Riverwinds Consulting can help analyze current and potential markets including:

  • review of comprehensive demographics,

  • detailed summary of market potential,

  • review of current competitors serving the market and their product line,

  • predicting the trajectory of growth (or decline) of the market in the future,

  • buying power of individuals in the market,

  • identification of key opinion leaders in an area,

  • identification of key distribution channels,

  • other crucial factors to better understand current and future customers.

Whether through access to demographic and commercial databases, broad customer surveys, or individual in-depth interviews, Riverwinds can help quantify key variables and help publishing organizations make informed decisions and feel secure in investments of time and money.


Get started today on better understanding customers, readers, and members by contacting us.

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