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Partner/Vendor Analysis and Negotiation

The road to financial success for any organization starts with revenue growth but is closely followed in importance by judicious cost controls. Riverwinds Consulting can help review current partnerships with vendors to ensure expenses are within current market rates.


Riverwinds can help an organization by assessing expenses associated with:

  • prepress services including outsourced copyediting, proofreading, and page makeup,

  • digital end product finalization including XML, ePub, and other formats,

  • printing and fulfillment services,

  • delivery services including USPS, co-mailing services, and international delivery services,

  • peer review and workflow management software services,

  • CMS and CRM software and services,

  • project management and product development services.

Riverwinds can help ensure contracts and services are financially sound and that all tangential benefits are being provided by partners.


Separately, the cost effectiveness of in-house operations can be examined to address viability from a financial and resources point-of-view.


Start today on examining current relationships while seeking potential new partners by contacting Riverwinds.



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