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About Riverwinds Consulting

John Bond founded Riverwinds Consulting to help publishers, associations, and authors find answers to everyday challenges.


John has been in scholarly publishing for over 25 years. Starting as an Assistant Editor, he eventually became Senior Vice President and then Chief Content Officer for a multimillion dollar international medical publisher.



John has experience in publishing in developing products in multiple formats including journals, books, digital products, and websites. His experience spans all aspects of content creation from editorial planning and development, product targeting and acquisitions, editorial and production (print and electronic), marketing/sales/promotion, rights management and international licensing, and aggregation and delivery of content to key partners.

He has worked with associations/societies, other publishers, book distributors and wholesalers, journal subscription agents, international rights partners, and pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers.

In John’s career, he has directed the publishing of over 500 book titles and 20,000 journal articles. He helped co-launch a major medical platform that serves millions of page views a year.

John has attended the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Beijing Book Fair, Book Expo America, the Medical Library Association, and innumerable content-focused conventions. He has been a member of trade associations and has done presentations for colleagues, customers, and partners.


John calls upon a significant network of partners, specialists, and freelancers to provide a range of services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


In his prior career, John was a librarian in K to 12 education and continues to be a strong advocate for libraries as an evolving place for learning and education.

John is also the author of seven books, including:

He is available for speaking engagements to groups on the topics of publishing.


John lives in New Jersey and owns more books than he will ever get to read, but is trying.




Riverwinds Consulting

359 Tavistock Boulevard

Haddonfield, NJ 08033



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