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RFPs in Publishing

Issuing a Request for Proposal in scholarly publishing is a key business function for associations, societies, and other organizations to help them find the best publishing partner. Creating RFPs, finding potential publishing partners, and evaluating and deciding upon the submitted proposals can be some of the most important tasks that editorial directors and association leadership can be responsible for. There have been few resources available to associations in the past to help with creating RFPs; until now. 


John Bond is a publishing consultant that works with societies to help with their publishing and information needs. Here are three ways John can help support an organization with the RFP Process:

Step-by-Step Guide

John has authored the brief, focused eBook, The Request for Proposal in Publishing: Managing the RFP Process. Click on the cover to learn more about the book or to get order your copy. 

Video Series

John has also created a free seven part educational video series at YouTube. Click on the video to start the series or go to his video channel, Publishing Defined

Work with a Publishing Consultant

Many associations can manage the RFP process directly. Working with a publishing consultant, however, can help make the process more successful. Some of the benefits include:

  • Saving time as the process, particularly at various stages, can be time consuming.

  • Consultants allow the staff to focus on what the staff does best: association management work. Consultants understand the world of publishing, since this is their focus. 

  • They cut through the jargon: publishing has become exceedingly specialized and complex, particularly in regard to content delivery. Consortia, aggregators, licensing, and many other situations can mean the world of difference to the journal. Consultants bring clarity to these rapidly changing areas. 

  • Consultants can bring the best deal to the table based on exposure to many different potential ways to address revenue and expenses. 


John would be pleased to have a no obligations discussion about your organization's goals surrounding the issuing an RFP. Send him an email today to get started.

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