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RFP Process Management

Issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be an important undertaking for an organization. The process can yield better partners, greater services, and more advantageous financing arrangements. The bidding process, however, can be time consuming and could present potential missteps. Working with Riverwinds Consulting can help an organization realize cost savings, reduce staff time, increase efficiency, and align with Strategic Plans.


Issuing RFPs or tenders and judiciously evaluating the resulting business proposals is one of the most important ways to ensure fiscal responsibility within an association or society with all major decisions and expenditures. 


Riverwinds Consulting can help with RFPs or the procurement of services for the following:


  • journal publishing,

  • book and eBook publishing, 

  • prepress services from copyediting and proofreading to page makeup,

  • printing and fulfillment contracts,

  • domestic and international content sales agreements, 

  • advertising sales representation,

  • CME agreements, and

  • website hosting.


Steps in the RFP process that Riverwinds can manage or assist with include:


  • setting goals for issuing an RFP,

  • identifying and selecting appropriate partners to receive RFPs,

  • preparing RFPs with logical, clear parameters that simplify the process,

  • dissemination of the RFP and follow up with all stakeholders,

  • receipt, review, and comparison of responses with recommendations, and 

  • contract review and final pricing negotiation.


Contact Riverwinds to help with the process of issuing RFPs and RFQs (Requests for Quotations) to ensure strong and fiscally sound relationships with key partners.


About Riverwinds Consulting


Riverwinds Consulting offers a full catalog of services to associations, publishers, and other organizations. Specializing in the STM industry, Riverwinds addresses both print and digital needs with services including: Customer and Industry Review; Digital Strategy Development; Global Rights and Licensing; New Product Research and Development; Partner/Vendor Analysis and NegotiationPublishing Consulting; Publishing Operations Audit; and Strategic Planning and Execution. Riverwinds brings to bear 25+ years of experience in publishing.

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