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Your Inner Expert

I have the good fortune to work with many highly educated, highly qualified, experts in a diverse range of fields. Masters-prepared. Doctorly-prepared. Academics and researchers that have devoted themselves to the pursuit and sharing of knowledge in the US and world-wide. Others seek their opinions and expertise. They have done significant research and published journal articles and other valued communications.

So, I could say I work with “leading experts,” “internationally recognized leaders,” or the “most important authorities.” Does this describe you?

If my experience tells me anything, you have probably said no. However, my experience also tells me you are underselling yourself.

Most likely everyone reading this blog post has a difficult time accepting their “inner expert.” When it comes to promoting yourself to a publisher in a query letter or proposal, you need to embrace your accomplishments and stature. Publishers are not looking for a “beginner in a field,” or an “apprentice in a discipline with little name recognition.” They are looking for international experts. And that very, very likely is you.

Think about the hours, years, or decades you have invested in your education. One percent of the US has a doctoral degree. How many people outside your workplace know anything your area of interest, let alone your depth of knowledge? Do you have colleagues in other states? Outside the US? Add this all up and in all probability, you are an international expert. Say it with me. International expert. Welcome it. Believe it (because it is true).

Yes, there is a time for modesty. Few people like a braggart. But when it comes to trying to land a publishing contract, writing the copy for marketing your new book, or composing the About section on your website, you need to shed the humble shroud. Let your inner internationally recognized expert shine.

Please accept this from a person that has worked with so many people that have a challenging time recognizing this. You are an impressive individual with valued credentials that is qualified to write a book and other academic communications. Do not make your road to publication difficult by downplaying your accomplishments. Your publisher and readers will thank you.


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