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Small Changes, Then Big Ones

I am reminded that many times we can't gauge change. It happens slowly. Almost imperceptible on a day-by-day basis. Sometimes we make decisions but don't notice the consequences.

I am a supporter of journalism and local newspapers. I have subscribed to the Philadelphia Inquirer for years. I compared a copy the other day to a copy from 1989. Now granted 32 years is a long time, but I was struck by seeing the two copies side-by side.

The trim size is noticeably different and the number of pages are startling. This is not a blog entry about the demise of the newspaper industry.

Rather it is about each day (and decision) has consequences. Perhaps impact is a better word. Approach your publishing challenges and decisions with the knowledge that each day matters.

Think long term. Think on behalf of your institution and publication. Be good stewards.

And keep supporting and subscribing to your local newspaper.


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