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Life on Pause?

With the state of the pandemic and the world, has life seemed on pause to you? No conferences to attend, nor vacations. Zoom calls instead of one-on-one interactions. Projects languishing. Many people may feel like life has just stopped and waiting for... A return to normal? A return to the way things were? Have writing or publishing projects been out on hold? Your research project shelved?

Maybe January is the time to change all that. Not from a New Years resolution point-of-view, but more because of the extra time that the world may be affording you right now. I say may be as your life may decidedly be saying no. I understand the challenges of small children or having your kids remote learning at home. Also, the ill-defined boundaries between work and home may absorb all your time.

But honestly assess the time in your day. All of us can likely can find an hour a day, or 45 minutes, or at least half an hour. It may come from streaming Netflix or getting your day started earlier. Take a look at how your time is spent. Try to set a period of time each day, and don't budge. If it has to be moved due to a last minute demand, pencil it in for later in the day. Even a half an hour a day for six days a week, can mean a big dent in a writing project after a month.

Working bit by bit will likely mean greater enthusiasm for the project, and feeling better about yourself during these uncertain times. A lot of negative things have happened since mid March 2020, but this pause may have some silver linings. It may provide you the opportunity to advance your writing project or your career.

Hit the Play button in 2021, and move on despite the goings-on around you. Be well.


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