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Here Comes the Sun (or Not)

I have noticed a wide variety of assessments as too where we are (as April 7, 2021) as a nation or planet with the pandemic. I hear sighs of relief from some about vaccinations and herd immunity, but still some continued hand-wringing that we are not there yet. I do not know what the answer is.

I do think this uncertainty is also reflected in publishing. Go back into the office, or stay remote? Start in with tentative live marketing efforts or events, or not? Budget for a return to normality (whatever that will be) or not?

I think these decisions will be very personal or individual company-focused, as well as market segment-focused. No one size will fit all.

But compared to the deserted highways and fear from April 7, 2020 of last year, and mad scramble at supermarkets, this feels a lot better. I am not advocating for a return to normalcy and jettisoning of caution or precautions. Far from it. I am just happy to be here one year later and be having these conversations (for the time being) then some others I might have imagined that might have occurring with no vaccine.

Be well. And be happy for some impending Vitamin D from that welcomed sun.


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