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All Audio, All the Time

I continue to be a huge fan of podcasting and audiobooks. Seems I am more an auditory leaner, or I have just been trained this way to maximize by free time or when I am running.

I listened to an entire story on Wired magazine the other day using their Audm service. Their motto is "Listen to longform journalism you don’t have time to read." There are other companies that provide related services. ReadSpeaker is another on. They offer "Lifelike Text to Speech." Another option is to have an employee or narrator read the content and post the file yourself.

Whatever the solution, scholarly publishing will be heavily utilizing these options for news, magazine, and (yes) journal content very soon. This will happen because readers will demand it.

Get ahead of the curve and start to investigate how audio can expand your readership ("listenership?"), page views ("page listens?") customer base ("listener base"), and the bottom line.

I look forward to the near future when I can hear your scholarly content.


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