Making Time Each Day for Tomorrow

The tyranny of the urgent. Putting out fires. The daily grind. Getting it done.

We have lots of names for what consumes most of our day. Rightly so, most of the reason why we get a paycheck is for work that needs to be done that day or week. But it is not all about today. You need to make time for tomorrow. 

Take 30 minutes, or even 20 minutes each day to stay current with what is going on in your field and in allied fields. 

Get news headlines sent your email, and actually click through and read the stories. All of the story. 

Read blogs and other opinion sites that talk about trends.

Watch videos (not just cat ones) about developments in your field. 

Participate in webinars. Stay through the whole webinar and don't multitask while it is going on.

Read the paper journals and magazines you receive to stay current.

Gasp: or actually attend live or offsite presentations. 

This is all easy for me to say. Doing it is a different thing. I have been mired in the here and now and not thought about tomorrow. When you can, try to make some time to stay on the crest of the wave. Your future self will appreciate it.

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